At Landmark Projects we put our customers at the heart of everything we do 

What we do

Our focus is on opening up access to property investment opportunities which offer a stronger risk-adjusted return, without the hassle.

Many of the investors we work with are passionate about property, but they often lack the time, teams or experience to find and manage attractive opportunities independently.

Our clients choose to work with us because they want a better return on their funds, time and effort, without the challenges often associated with investing and developing properties independently, and because we put them at the heart of everything we do.

By working with us, investors benefit from:

A better return on savings

Our focus is property, which consistently outperforms other asset classes. We add value and leverage, to amplify returns

Strong risk-adjusted returns

Our projects are aligned with what our investors want, including security, control and asset ownership, backed up by full title rights

Store of value

Our focus areas have strong and improving fundamentals, so that demand increases, keeping values consistent or rising

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The chance to create real value

Our projects create value through buying at the right price, adding substantial value, and leveraging appropriately

Involvement with exciting projects

Our investors are the cornerstone of exciting projects, transforming land and unused buildings into homes

Making a lasting, positive impact

Our investors are crucial in creating tangible and lasting positive impacts. Together, we create more housing for people who will need, use and benefit for years to come, creating a legacy

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Understanding market drivers

Focusing on areas and strategies with favourable factors underlying demand and supply

Buying at the right price

Understanding what drives value, demand and suppy, and acknowledging the difference between value and price

Choosing the right locations

Focusing on areas with strong and improving transport, amenities and jobs markets

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Adding value

Knowing local markets, and how to optimise the investment through sound strategy and professional execution

Timescales and criteria

Knowing the importance of efficiency, and delivery of results

Running projects, end to end

We are experienced in running projects, end to end: a skillset our clients can leverage to give them a better return

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We understand the principles of sound property investment, and how to implement them

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