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New podcast episode: buy to let property, with multi-millionaire landlord and highly-regarded author

Delighted to share an interview we recently recorded with multi-millionaire landlord and author of one of the most highly-regarded books on property investing, Angela Bryant, for The Return Podcast (www.thereturnpodcast.com), Landmark's investment podcast.

With 100+ properties and 20+ years’ experience, Angela is an expert on all aspects of being a landlord, yet remains incredibly humble (she still loves mucking in and getting her hands dirty between tenancies!)

The interview includes:

- Is buy to let dead??

- How to reduce costs in your property portfolio

- The unanticipated impacts of policy change on homelessness

- The risks and rewards in stocks and shares vs property

We loved having the chance to talk buy to let with Angela, who is a real expert in the field yet keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

If you’re interested in learning more about property, this interview is for you. Check it out on Apple Podcasts or online :)

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